A word from Glenn...

Food is fuel, we all know that deep down. Since recently becoming a certified Fitness Instructor the importance nutrition plays in the role of your well being has become paramount in my thinking. I believe nutrition has been well documented but less well understood en masse.

After reflecting on 15 years of hospitality experience, there have been periods where i have really loved myself and my body in terms of the fuel i give it. As with everyone else in the world though i have eaten junk, been too busy/stressed to exercise, drank too much and generally not respected the engines that lie beneath my chassis. We all have our own vices and these shouldnt always be disgarded, your brain appreciates the endorphines a treat gives it, but as myself and sara say, balance is key.

Hide in the sky and the role i play is really a representation of the food i would want to eat and the chef ive never been able to be under the employment of others, i dont believe fine dining food has to include a multitude of creams, butters, foams, fats, powders and flavour enhancers to produce great food. I love the feeling of sourcing a local ingredient and finding the purest way of enhancing there flavours whilst retaining there nutritional value and presenting it in a way you would still say “wow”.

Sara has brought out the best in me and being able to create something like Hide In The Sky with your partner is a gift unlike any other and with everything we do together we love making others happy.

Hide with us, we’ve been doing it all our lives and i think we’re pretty good at it by now :)


A word from Sara...

teaching yoga is just the funniest feeling - put me in a room with a few people and ask me to talk onfront of them and i freeze...but give me a room full of yogis and i light up. i cant explain it, but something has power over me. i care about people. and it makes me so happy when i can make them feel something that i feel. its very powerful. sharing, being, moving and breathing together. it unites us. its a connection that is forged on love. you are so vulnerable when you are teaching/practicing and that is a humbling experience. yoga helps me to slow things down to a pace where i can process whats going on around me. it helps me to put things in to perspective and be patient. most of all though it teaches me to accept myself, to love myself, and i want to help others with this idea of self love.

Glenn keeps me grounded. it is quite easy for me to get lost in a little yoga bubble, and glenn is the half of hide in the sky that keeps it real. He helps me to read what real people in real life with stressful jobs/lives actually need from me and helps me to understand how i can help.

one of the most powerful things my yoga teacher said to me a long time ago is “dont teach what you know, teach what they need” and i always come back to this.

I started up a yoga club a few years back, where my main aim was to make yoga approachable and affordable to spread it as far and wide as possible. back in edinburgh i run donation based classes, and also classes for hospitality folk who live very fastpaced lives and may not otherwise give themselves this time to focus on themselves. i also love to organise get togethers here and there where a community of like minded people can come together, practice yoga and enjoy a glass of wine or tea and a good chat! wherever i go, i try to spread yoga and i firmly believe that everyone can benefit in some way from a regular yoga practice.


in summary, I like unicorns, jars, rainbows, magic, fluffy clouds, red wine, laughing, big walks, snowboarding, the colour yellow, storms, cosy jumpers, autumn, magical music, the moon, coffee , sunshine on my face, long train journeys and throwing myself in to cold water. i love my family and i love being around good people

I like to celebrate life

we dont travel to escape from life, we travel so life doesnt escape us